About Us


Ammar Precast is a member of the Paks International that was established in 2003.
First producing Slabs, then I-Girders for use in Pakistan, the group has developed into the leading suppliers of Pre-stressed concrete products used in projects across the Pakistan.Ammar Precast was formed in 2012 to develop the Group’s business within the Industrial and Construction sectors and has since become a major innovator in the design and use of precast concrete for retaining and storage structures.Only few companies in this region possess the necessary engineering skills, experience and resources to supply these products with the constant high level of quality and in a reliable and professional manner essential in all modern building structure.Our experienced engineers in design as well as in production combined with the use of “state of art” production technology ensures that these high standards are not compromised.

Our Goals

With our setup and manufacturing unit, we ensure quality controlled readily available and in-time supply of Costumers.

  • We offer consistently reliable products at affordable prices.
  • To constantly develop a team with a focus on establishing lasting relationships with customers.
  • To monitor & increase the quality & scope of the service we offer to increase the opportunities for concrete in the building materials sector.